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BMW / BMW 740e iPerformance Excellence

Experience the pinnacle of luxury with the BMW 740e iPerformance, a sedan that exemplifies excellence.

Admire BMW’s distinctive flowing body lines and the meticulously chosen opulent interior that make every journey an indulgence.
The ride is supremely comfortable, ensuring you remain refreshed even after long drives, allowing you to enjoy your Okinawa trip to the fullest.

With the capacity to accommodate 2 to 3 golf bags, it’s also an ideal choice for golf enthusiasts.

Equipped with an array of convenient and safety features, including the latest genuine navigation system, rearview camera, and safety equipment, this sedan ensures a secure and enjoyable driving experience.

Embark on an elegant journey under Okinawa’s stunning blue skies in BMW’s flagship sedan.

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Standard Plan(tax included)
TimeHigh Season Rates
(July & August)
Regular Season Rates
(Without July and August)
On the dayJPY26,200JPY22,000
2 days & 1 nightJPY31,900JPY25,300
3 days & 2 nightsJPY56,100JPY40,700
4 days & 3 nightsJPY77,000JPY55,000
5 days & 4 nightsJPY93,500JPY68,200
Additional days charged per dayJPY13,200JPY11,000
All-Inclusive Plan(tax included)
TimeHigh Season Rates
(July & August)
Regular Season Rates
(Without July and August)
On the dayJPY36,300JPY30,800
2 days & 1 nightJPY47,300JPY38,500
3 days & 2 nightsJPY77,000JPY58,300
4 days & 3 nightsJPY102,300JPY75,900
5 days & 4 nightsJPY123,200JPY92,400
Additional days charged per dayJPY16,500JPY14,300

*Late returns incur a fee of 5,000 yen per hour.

*Please note that during our special holiday periods—[4/26-5/8], [7/1-8/31], [9/13-9/24], [12/26-1/7] —an additional charge of 20% will apply to our High Season Rates rental rates due to the high demand season.

*Compulsory liability and voluntary insurance are included.

Standard Plan:All-Inclusive Plan:
  • Refueling is required upon vehicle return.
  • Includes optional vehicle liability insurance.
  • Non-Operation Charge (NOC) is not covered.
  • Does not include a liability waiver for damages.
    • Property damage waiver up to ¥100,000
    • Vehicle damage waiver up to ¥100,000 (capped at the actual value per accident)
      In the event the rental car cannot be operated, a charge of ¥200,000 will be billed to the customer.
  • No need to refill gasoline before returning the vehicle.
  • Comes with optional vehicle liability insurance.
  • Non-Operation Charge (NOC) is covered.
  • Includes compensation for the exclusion of liability.
  • Non-Operation Charge (NOC) at 1,100 yen per day for absence compensation.
  • Additional liability waivers available at 2,200 yen per day, requiring a subscription under the standard plan.

Optional Insurance Coverage:

  • Bodily injury: Unlimited coverage per person (excluding the driver and passengers).
  • Property damage: Unlimited coverage per accident
  • Additional waiver for property liability up to ¥150,000
  • Additional waiver for vehicle liability up to ¥200,000
  • Includes roadside assistance service

Vehicle Specifications

Capacity5 peopleFuelPremium Gasoline
Steering WheelRightSize(mm)5110×1900×1480
Additional EquipmentAutomatic Car (AT) Equipment: Navigation System, ETC, Drive Recorder, Rear-View Camera
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