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West Coast(ウエストコースト(Hereinafter referred to simply as “company”) Approved Individual belief importance, ordinary individuals belief protection activities localization basic activities. Recognition of actual results and actions Personal credible measures 1) Social responsibility, self-protection measures established by ourselves, junior notice officials, artisanal consortium authors.

Basic policy

1.Proper collection, use, provision, deposit of personal information

  • (1) In collecting customer’s personal information, except for cases where there is a risk of harming the interest or interests of the principal or a third party, we clarify the purpose of use to the principal and gather it after receiving consent. Do not use collected personal information for any purpose other than that, limit the scope of use, and handle it appropriately。

  • (2)Personal information collected will not be provided to third parties without prior consent from customers beforehand except for orders based on laws and ordinances.

  • (3)In the case of depositing (depositing) the collected personal information with a third party, we select a person with sufficient level of personal information protection and decide to observe the protection level by contract etc., then instruct the guidance and management Implement and handle properly.

2.Procedures to respond to requests for disclosure, correction, suspension of use etc.

We will promptly respond to personal information held by our company within reasonable scope.

3.Prevention and correction of loss, damage, leakage and unauthorized access of personal information

We will strictly manage your personal information and take preventive measures against any dangers such as loss, damage, leakage and unauthorized access. We will establish concrete rules concerning the handling and operation of appropriate personal information and set up a responsible person。

4.Compliance with laws and other norms concerning personal information

Our officers, employees and collaborators will comply with laws and guidelines and other relevant norms concerning the protection of personal information and secrecy of communication。

5.Continuous improvement of personal information protection policy and internal regulations

We will continuously improve personal information protection policy and internal regulations so that personal information protection that society requests is effectively implemented。

6.Inquiries about the handling of personal information and consultation.

We will respond within a reasonable range at our information。

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