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Imported car rental shop in Okinawa “West coast”. We offer European and American popular models such as BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Audi, Hummer, Mustang, Camaro, Jeep, Beetle, etc., Enjoy more luxurious trip to Okinawa!

Our selling point is customer can registration and pick up the car at the NAHA airport. Never waste your time to take 20mins shuttle bus and registration at retal car shop.p>

All included plan(Plan B) doesn’t need to fill up the fuel. Save more time to enjoy your trip in Okinawa!

Steps of Reservation

  1. Step.1

    Choose your favorite car. car lineup.

  2. Step.2

    Click “Booking” button and and fill in the appointment form.

  3. Step.3

    Finish the application form and click “Confirm” button.
    ※Your reservation is not completed yet.

  4. Step.4

    After we receive your reservation order, our staff will contact you by email.
    ※If our staff working outside or out of business time, our email may replay late, please kindly note.

  5. Step.5

    Once all the information is confirmed and the payment is received, the appointment is confirmed.

Payment method

【VISA】【MasterCard】【JCB】【American Express】

When we confirm your appointment, we will send the payment link to your email address. Please kindly confirm the detail and amount in correct.

  1. 1.Get the invoice of the payment by e-mail.

    The payment notification e-mail will be sent to your e-mail adress where you filled in the application form. The payment notification e-mail includes description of the payment and linked web saite for credit card payment.

  2. 2.Confirm details

    Click the URL in the e-mail we send and confirm the details of the invoice.

  3. 3.Input the credit card infomation.

    Confirm again the invoice and complete settlement by fill in the credit card infomation in the blanks.

Flow of the day

  1. Procedure1

    Please choose pick up point at Naha Airport or Naha City area.

  2. Procedure2

    Register customer detail and confirm the driver’s license. If you are repeater, you can enjoy more 10% discount.

  3. Procedure3

    Our staff will explain how the use the car and check the car body with customer. If you have any problems, please kindly let our staff know.

  4. Procedure4

    All procedures finish, please drive safely.

  5. Procedure5

    According your scheduled time, return to Airport, Naha city hotel or our shop.

    ※Plan A customer please refill full fuel before return.

Repeater customer(VIP MEMBERS)

You can enjoy more 10% discount in second time!!!!

If you rental our vehicle in 2nd time, you can enjoy more 10% off. Please inform us your member card number when booking.

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