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JEEP / JEEP Wrangler Unlimited SAHARA(JL,Gray)

New Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Sahara!!

It is a shiny new car, and it is ♪ granite crystal metallic in a special color for luxury orientation

It is an attractive car with a unique deep color.

The interior is equipped with Uconnect and Alpine woofers, leather seats, leather-wrapped shift knob and side brake lever, and blind spot monitor!

By connecting a USB cable, you can operate your smartphone’s navigation and music playback with an 8.4-inch display.

It also comes with ♪ many useful functions such as the latest map of the 2022 edition, a back camera, and safety equipment.

Okinawa’s beautiful blue sky, seaside, city use, etc. are perfect for any scene and Instagrammable!

Even if you enjoy the outdoors in the great outdoors or get into a little bad road, you can rest assured that it is a full-fledged off-road vehicle!

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Normal plan(including tax)
Time Busy season
(July, August)
Normal period
(Other than July and August)
On the day JPY24,200 JPY19,800
2days&1night JPY31,900 JPY25,300
3days&2nights JPY56,100 JPY40,700
4days&3nights JPY77,000 JPY55,000
5days&4nights JPY93,500 JPY68,200
Per day after this JPY13,200 JPY11,000
All included plan(including tax)
Time Busy season
(July, August)
Normal period
(Other than July and August)
On the day JPY31,900 JPY26,400
2days&1night JPY45,100 JPY36,300
3days&2nights JPY74,800 JPY56,100
4days&3nights JPY100,100 JPY73,700
5days&4nights JPY121,000 JPY90,200
Per day after this JPY16,500 JPY14,300

※If the return time is over, you will be charged 5,000yen per hour.

※[4/26~5/10], [7/1~8/31], [9/17~9/25], [12/26~1/9] will be charged extra 20% of busy season.

※It is included both compulsory liability and voluntary insurance.

Normal plan All included plan
  • Need to filling up gasoline
  • Include optional vehicle liability insurance
  • Non Operation Charge is not included
  • Compensation for exclusion of liability is not included.
    • Property exclusion of liability 100,000yen
    • Viehicle exclusion of liability 100,000yen (up to the actual value per accident)
      ※If the rental car can not be operated, 200,000yen will be charged to customer.
  • Filling up gasoline is not necessary.
  • Include optional vehicle liability insurance.
  • Non Operation Charge is included
  • Compensation for exclusion of liability is included.
  • Non Operation Charge(Campensation for leave of absence):1,100yen/day
  • Compensation for exclusion of liability:2,200yen/day (In case of the normal plan, subscription required)

■Optional insurance coverage

  • Bodily injury: Unlimited per person other than driver and passengers
  • Property damage: Unlimited per accident
  • Property exclusion of liability 150,000yen
  • Viehicle exclusion of liability 200,000yen
  • Inclueds road service


Capacity 5people Fuel Regular gasoline
Steering Wheel Right Size(mm) 4870×1890×1860
Other equipments AT car (automatic car) equipment: car navigation / ETC / drive recorder / rear view camera
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