Chevrolet / Chevrolet Camaro LT-RS

Introducing the Chevrolet Camaro LT-RS, a vibrant American muscle car in bright red.

Equipped with a 3600cc engine and 20-inch wheels, this vehicle boasts over 300 hp with its V6 direct injection DOHC engine.

It’s perfect for a scenic drive from Naha Airport along the coast of Chatan with your partner or for cruising through Kokusai Street or American Village for some photogenic moments.

The Camaro LT-RS is sure to be a standout in any driving scene.

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Standard Plan(tax included)
TimeHigh Season Rates
(July & August)
Regular Season Rates
(Without July and August)
On the dayJPY24,200JPY18,700
2 days & 1 nightJPY28,600JPY22,000
3 days & 2 nightsJPY48,400JPY36,300
4 days & 3 nightsJPY64,900JPY48,400
5 days & 4 nightsJPY80,300JPY60,500
Additional days charged per dayJPY11,000JPY9,900
All-Inclusive Plan(tax included)
TimeHigh Season Rates
(July & August)
Regular Season Rates
(Without July and August)
On the dayJPY33,000JPY26,400
2 days & 1 nightJPY42,900JPY34,100
3 days & 2 nightsJPY68,200JPY52,800
4 days & 3 nightsJPY89,100JPY68,200
5 days & 4 nightsJPY108,900JPY83,600
Additional days charged per dayJPY14,300JPY13,200

*Late returns incur a fee of 5,000 yen per hour.

*Please note that during our special holiday periods—[4/26-5/8], [7/1-8/31], [9/13-9/24], [12/26-1/7] —an additional charge of 20% will apply to our High Season Rates rental rates due to the high demand season.

*Compulsory liability and voluntary insurance are included.

Standard Plan:All-Inclusive Plan:
  • Refueling is required upon vehicle return.
  • Includes optional vehicle liability insurance.
  • Non-Operation Charge (NOC) is not covered.
  • Does not include a liability waiver for damages.
    • Property damage waiver up to ¥100,000
    • Vehicle damage waiver up to ¥100,000 (capped at the actual value per accident)
      In the event the rental car cannot be operated, a charge of ¥200,000 will be billed to the customer.
  • No need to refill gasoline before returning the vehicle.
  • Comes with optional vehicle liability insurance.
  • Non-Operation Charge (NOC) is covered.
  • Includes compensation for the exclusion of liability.
  • Non-Operation Charge (NOC) at 1,100 yen per day for absence compensation.
  • Additional liability waivers available at 2,200 yen per day, requiring a subscription under the standard plan.

Optional Insurance Coverage:

  • Bodily injury: Unlimited coverage per person (excluding the driver and passengers).
  • Property damage: Unlimited coverage per accident
  • Additional waiver for property liability up to ¥150,000
  • Additional waiver for vehicle liability up to ¥200,000
  • Includes roadside assistance service

Vehicle Specifications

Capacity4 peopleFuelRegular Gasoline
Steering WheelLeftSize(mm)4840×1910×1380
Additional EquipmentAutomatic Car (AT) Equipment: Navigation System, ETC, Drive Recorder, Rear-View Camera
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